Sir, Light Nai Thi

Engineer Student IN College :

Teacher: Assignment Kyun Nhi complete ki?
Engineer: Sir, Light Nhi Thi

Teacher: To Mom Batti Jala Lete
Engineer: Sir, Maachis Nhi Thi

Teacher: Machis Kyun Nai Thi ?
Engineer: Pooja Ghar Me Rkhi Thi.

Teacher: To Wahan Se Le Aate
Engineer: Nahaya Hua Nhi Tha

Teacher: Nahaye Kyun Nhi The ?
Engineer: Pani Nhi Tha Sir.

Teacher: Pani Kyun Nhi Tha?
Engineer: sir Motor Nhi Chal Rahi

Teacher: Arre mere baap.. Motor
Kyun Nai Chal Rahi Thi ?
Engineer: Sir Bataya To Hu Light
Nhi Thi


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